How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta

Overcome the chaos of the concrete jungle with the power of Pilates!

Life in Jakarta can be tough on the mind and body. At LifeChanging Studio, when we talk about the benefits of Pilates for everyone and everybody, we sometimes emphasize the practical benefits it can offer for clients and members to move better and feel lighter in daily life. Joseph Pilates created this fascinating fitness system to result our bodies to move efficiently and fluidly through life. So for this week’s blog, we’re going back to our roots of the cultural advantages Pilates can offer to survive life in Jakarta.

With every step you take, take it with grace and ease!

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta LifeChanging Studio

We are walking every day. Whether it’s to work, the grocery store, or to catch the next bus stop. Regardless of life in Jakarta not being too pedestrian friendly, our legs still need to carry us to our next activity. Walking acts as a fantastic full body workout if you’re doing it well. Bad muscle habits get in the way of our stride. Some of these habits may appear while you’re

  • Sitting at the desk all day
  • Sport training
  • Getting a blast from the past from old injuries
  • Controlling the children at dinner

Pilates covers everything from head to toe. The aid these classes can provide include:

  • Improves walking posture naturally
  • Balances stability of the body
  • Develop a healthier hip, legs, and feet
  • Builds confidence in torso control and mobility
  • Helps you swing arms effectively while walking

You’re at work to support your lifestyle. Pilates is with you to support your longevity.

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta LifeChanging Studio


We hear well too often for anyone who has a life in Jakarta; “Ouch! My back. Ouch! My neck. Ouch! This. Ouch! That” You know what we mean. Fundamentally, Pilates was made to prevent and decrease postural damage to the body. Such as your neck, back, knees, and other sensitive areas. For every salaryman and women in Jakarta, the experts at LifeChanging Studio always recommends joining a Pilates class as it:

  • Brings awareness to individuals with poor core strength
  • Instantly brings the client or member a sense of relief after 1 class
  • Is great for anyone of any fitness level
  • Is a low impact yet strengthening fitness system

Your lifestyle and habits define and shape your goals. Don’t let life in Jakarta get in the way of them! After 5 years of running in the district of North Jakarta, LifeChanging Studio never fails to meet expectations of determined individuals looking to change their life. If you’re still stuck in a rut of surviving the Big Durian, check out one of our latest blogs!

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