How to be a Pilates instructor

How to be a Pilates instructor

How to be a Pilates instructor

Many say that Pilates is another fitness trend, but it looks like it’s not going to die down anytime soon or ever. Pilates is a lifestyle that is here to stay. It has steadily grown in popularity over the past 50 years, which is great news for us who have chosen this career path and those who are looking to pursue it.

We won’t beat around the bush – becoming a Pilates instructor requires time, commitment, and money, as well as patience for some of us. Here are steps to becoming a Pilates instructor at LifeChanging, Pilates studio in Jakarta.

Join our classes

Immerse in a number of our classes to familiarise yourself with your body, the sport, and the teachers. Take as many classes as you can and practice consistently. Observe each class and instructor to determine which style you are drawn to and what kind of path you want to follow. Talk to your favorite teachers and inquire about their training and certification.

Reassess yourself by asking the following questions

So you’ve partaken in our Pilates classes. Now let’s find answers from within.

Do I enjoy teaching? Becoming a Pilates instructor means you won’t be doing pilates yourself, as you will be assisting others.

Do I have an interest in body mechanics, anatomy, and exercise science?

Do I enjoy speaking in front of large groups? You’ll constantly be in the spotlight!

Am I comfortable with trading job stability for job flexibility?

Am I self-motivated?

These are only a few questions to consider.

How to be a Pilates Instructor | LifeChanging Studio for Pilates and Yoga in Jakarta

Decide if you want mat or comprehensive certification

A mat certification prepares you to teach group mat classes, whereas, with a comprehensive one, you’ll be training clients with the traditional Pilates equipment (reformer, chair, trap table/Cadillac, etc.) in addition to mat. If you’re looking to teach full-time, the latter is the way to go.

Research and select a Pilates certification program

We encourage you to get in touch with our instructors to help you determine which path to take. Our Pilates studio in Jakarta offers certifications recognized by the PAI (Pilates Academy International) and all our instructors are internationally certified! This process might be a bit intimidating, but nothing beats the insights that can be acquired from people who have direct experience in what your interests are.

Complete your certification process

A mat certification can take a few months, while a comprehensive certification will take 12+ months. Our programs offer flexibility so budding pilates instructors can work around their personal time and schedule.

LifeChanging Studio is run by a team of passionate health and fitness instructors trained with international standards. Come to our studio, join a class, talk to us, and if you’ve started your pilates teaching journey, have fun with the hands-on practical training!

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