Reasons to Incorporate Pilates to your Fitness Program

Reasons to Incorporate Pilates to your Fitness Program

Reasons to Incorporate Pilates to your Fitness Program

  1. Pilates Works The Whole Body

When we hear Pilates, we often think it only focus to the Core. But what its actually do is, integrating many joints and muscles movement in an hour session. And yes, Core Muscles are always involved in one move. Pilates promote strength, flexibility, balance, coordination as well improve our deepest muscles for an example Multifidus that sometimes being forgotten when we train in another workout, but highly effective to prevent from back pain if we train it well. For Fit people, it benefits them in supporting and balance their activities or strengthen their performance.


  1. Pilates is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs

Whether you are a beginner, senior or an Elite Athlete. Pilates exercise will benefit you in improving your weakness, imbalance. From building the awareness in the core area, into breathing properly, controlling the movement using your deep mobiliser will obtain your performance. If you take a private Pilates session, the trainer will create a program based on what your body need. Your Postural and diagnose. A Certified Trainer have been trained to analyse a person’s posture and how to work on the deviations if there’s any using the Pilates movements.


  1. Pilates Creates Balance between Strength, Flexibility and Strong Core

Flexibility in Pilates is something that increased with safety and cater to what the body needs, and the range of movement cater to the capability of the body. That is what makes Pilates different from Yoga. You won’t find a challenging over flexible move because Pilates focusing on what the body can stretch and bend realistically.


  1. Injury Prevention

When we practice Pilates, we are focusing on moving with the deepest muscles that attached to our bones. With that, the nerves, the tendons and ligaments are also working together building linked of strength to protect the other muscles and joints. Incorporating breathe, focus, we train the proprioception as we move in the concept of Contrology. Proprioception may be described as someone’s awareness of where their bodies’ position, movement and balance is in the space it occupies. Developing proprioception helps us aware in moving and with our surrounding. We don’t say that by training Pilates it will save you from injury, but I definitely will decrease the possibility.


  1. As an Active Recovery / Rehab post Injury

As we refer to the Physiotherapy, athlete will normally go back to their training faster than regular people. In certain case, they able to complete the test in physio clinic before being sent home by the surgeon post-surgery. This is because most athlete have developed good coordination and proprioception. When we talk about the physio in general, the therapist will assist us in moving, so we perform an passive range of movement. But by incorporating Pilates during our rehab, we develop the Active Range Of movement that is perform by our own muscles. This will help fasten the recovery progress post injury.

In Life Changing Studio, our trainers came with many different background in Health. Physiotherapist, Fitness Professionals that have the experience in assisting people to reach their overall wellness. If you need an assistance, don’t hesitate to consult with our trainers by appointment.

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