At LifeChanging, we are a team of experienced and compelling professionals that specialises in the health & fitness industry. Whether it is behind the scenes or on the field, our studio will always provide the best for our clients.


Isma Hasyim

With years of experience in the health & fitness industry, LifeChanging studio is Isma’s brainchild. Although her current role leans towards studio management, Isma still teaches private Pilates and trains her fellow instructors as she loves to spread her knowledge. She is certified in Stott method (Canada) and Pilates Academy International, New York. Isma is also an Instructor Trainer of PAI. She brings fun and humour to her sessions. She enjoys assisting others to get into a regimen to improve there quality of life.


Abigail Monica

Unhappy as your ever day office worker, Monica left her previous job as an accountant to give the fitness industry a chance. Realising there is so much more to learn, especially in Pilates, she got the opportunity to join LifeChanging studio’s 2nd batch. After 3 years, Monica is still hungry to learn more and is more than happy to share her experiences with other instructors and curious clients.


Geny Febrizali Putri

Geny always had a place in her heart for Pilates. During her college years, Geny chose Pilates as a topic for her end of the year exam because she wanted to finish her education with a title that won’t only benefit herself, but for everyone. During Geny’s Pilates journey, she felt her posture and lifestyle improve, motivating her to make clients and members feel the same at LifeChanging Studio.


Eka Wulandari

Eka started her journey as a Pilates and Yoga Instructor after having 2 children, she believed that learning does not know age, sharing knowledge does not recognize skin color. She is a certified Mat Pilates Instructor from Pilates Academy International and a 200hr certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Mix. Consistency in her practice is key. She enjoys the process of the practice, and as a bonus, she benefits from getting a healthy body and good posture.



As a physiotherapist, Ulmi is proud to have Pilates a part of her career and passion. It gives her a great sense of joy to know that she can not only grow her knowledge, but use it to help others in need.


Ririn Agustina

Ririn’s goal in becoming a Pilates instructor is to be able to educate the people of Indonesia the benefits of taking care of your wellbeing through her knowledge of Pilates and physiotherapy combined. These unique methods of fitness is not always boring, Ririn is always implementing fun and exciting ways to spice up your session at LifeChanging Studio.



Yunita chose to possess the title of a physiotherapist as it lead her to opportunist to learn about the human body in depth, that it would eventually make her fall in love with Pilates.



Just like all our future and current instructors, Tiara is a young and energetic soul. During her university days, she majored in physiotherapy because of her interest in movements and posture of the human body. With LifeChanging Studio always opening its doors to educate and certify instructors, Tiara was welcomed to celebrate the sophisticated yet beautiful combination of her physiotherapy expertise and Pilates.


Elizabeth Clara

When Clara chose to major in Physiotherapy, her heart was already set in become a physiotherapist for fitness purposes. Clara loves the idea of helping others with her educational degree as well as help herself. During her progression in education, she encountered Pilates. Where it opened her eyes to the endless possibilities her knowledge can do to change the direction of a client’s or member’s life.