Our Team

At LifeChanging, we are a team of experienced and compelling professionals that specialises in the health & fitness industry. Whether it is behind the scenes or on the field, our studio will always provide the best for our clients.

Isma Hasyim

With 14 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, LifeChanging studio is Isma’s brainchild. Although her current role leans towards studio management, Isma still teaches private Pilates and trains her fellow instructors as she loves to spread her knowledge. Isma brings fun and humour to her sessions. She enjoys assisting others to get into a regimen to improve there quality of life.

Dani Rashidin

Dani began his Pilates journey in 2015. Working in the office didn’t challenge him the way being an instructor would. So when the opportunity came, he gladly joined LifeChanging studio’s 2nd batch. He specialises in clients who play sports as a profession.

Ilham Kurniawan

Ilham, just like Dani lost interest of his office life. Finding something new, exciting, and different, he took the opportunity to train with LifeChanging studio’s 4th batch. It has always been a pleasure to workout with Ilham as he believes in having fun while educating his clients.

Inoenk Nurhasanah

Beginning her journey from being a Physiotherapist, Inoenk combined her knowledge of physiotherapy and Pilates to create a unique workout that compliments the 2 methods of exercise. Inoenk is always happy to people with special needs as she feels her knowledge can offer the client hopes of getting better with each session.

Abigail Monica

Realising there is so much more to learn about the fitness industry, Monica left her previous job at a fitness centre to join LifeChanging studio’s 2nd batch. Monica is and always will be hungry to learn more and is more than happy to share her experiences with other instructors and curious clients.

Geny Febrizali Putri

Geni always had a place in her heart for Pilates. During her college years, Geni chose Pilates as a topic for her end of the year exam. Becoming LifeChanging studio’s 3rd batch, Geni continued her journey to spread awareness about taking care of your posture. Geni is always somebody to come to when it comes to tips about improving and maintaing your posture.


Many Physiotherapist’s are playing a huge role in Pilates. Just like Inoenk, Diana came from a physiotherapy background. Previously have majored in Pilates, Diana takes comfort and motivation in the thought of guiding her clients with the help of both physiotherapy and Pilates.

Eka Wulandari

Already experienced in Stott method Mat, Eka continues to seek more knowledge joining LifeChanging’s 3rd batch. She has a sense of humour teaching her clients. So if you’re looking to get fit and fun, Eka is your lady!

Gita Susanty

After training and completing all the Stott method module, Gita joined LifeChanging to now focus in fulfilling clients’ dreams of having a healthy lifestyle.