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We are pleased to introduce three brand new programs this August, including The Neurac Treatment, to our pilates studio in Jakarta! All new programs are private, which means you’ll receive full attention and supervision from your instructor.

What is the Neurac Treatment?

Neurac is an abbreviation for Neuromuscular Activation, which is a unique method for the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction and commonly used in physical therapy. The neuromuscular system is a combination of the nervous system (neural) and the muscular system (muscular). It’s when your nerves and muscles work together. Although it is incorporated normally for rehabilitation purposes such as to improve or regain optimal neuromuscular function, recent studies found that neuromuscular activation goes beyond physical therapy! It can be a factor that determines the effectiveness of exercises for both muscle building and muscle toning.

What does the Neurac Treatment entail?

Neurac is comprised of a combination of treatment and evaluation exercises that are performed on the Redcord Professional Workstation. In this program, you’ll practice more compound exercises, over isolation exercises, that require more focus, control, and involvement of the mind. You can choose free weight exercises and resistance band exercises with maximum neuromuscular activation, or you can even choose the machines that require the most neuromuscular activation.

Why should you choose the Neurac Treatment?

While developing your muscles, you’re simultaneously working to get stronger, and what tells your muscles to get stronger is your brain. The brain communicates with your muscles through your nervous system, hence developing muscle strength is a function of your neuromuscular system. You naturally increase your muscular system involvement by activating the neuromuscular and increasing the degree to which your nervous system is involved. Doing a compound exercise requires great control and focus, helping you achieve maximum neuromuscular activation. You will naturally build muscles by working with your brain!

What will you achieve in this class?

The routines will give men a strong, solid, naturally muscular and masculine looking body, and give women a toned, feminine, well-shaped body.

For physiotherapy purposes, essentially the Neurac Treatment helps you:

  • Reduce pain.
  • Improve neuromuscular control and muscle coordination.
  • Restore muscle movement patterns.

Looking to achieve all of the above? Register now and tune in with your strongest muscle building asset: your brain!

How to register:

Fill in our online form, reach us via WhatsApp (0812 5890 7730), or contact our pilates studio in Jakarta directly at (021) 29033550