Redcord Sport

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Redcord Sport

New month, new programs! Starting in August, our pilates studio in Jakarta is hosting three new classes, including the Redcord Sport program. You’ll enjoy a full private session and one-on-one time with your instructor to ensure an optimal workout.

What is Redcord Sport?

Redcord Sport is developed to improve athletic performance. It is based on exercises that work in three planes of movement to enhance athletic performance while avoiding possible injury. It’s a suspension training that aims to focus on your muscular interaction and activate multiple muscle groups in just one exercise.

What does Redcord Sport entail?

The program covers exercises to enhance performance and prevent injuries, including three-dimensional exercises with high carry-over effect to sports as well as touching upon theories on functional anatomy (kinetic chains, muscle slings, and muscular synergies). As mentioned, Redcord Sport comprises of three-dimensional exercises that have transferable value to sport and competition.

Why should you choose Redcord Sport?

The Redcord Sport program is aimed at athletes, trainers, coaches, instructors and other professionals who work with sports, performance enhancement and injury prevention. The courses are based on acknowledged science and documented principles in training and active rehabilitation – closely related to the Redsport Active program. A research found that suspension exercise in Redcord enhances achievement in sports than any other traditional strength training. The exercise aims to activate multiple muscle groups involving maximum muscle interaction, which makes it very time efficient.

What will you achieve in this class?

The Redcord Sport program will help you improve functional strength, muscle endurance, core stability, motion control and coordination, and development of power and rotational balance.

Looking to build strength and improve your athletic performance in general? Register now and experience the challenges of suspension exercise!


How to register:

Fill in our online form, reach us via WhatsApp (0812 5890 7730), or contact our pilates studio in Jakarta directly at (021) 29033550