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How to combine pilates and yoga to your practices

How to combine pilates and yoga to your practices

Pilates and yoga (particularly hatha yoga) have interconnected components. Perhaps due to the high interest, both trends have received, or the two sophisticated systems of integrative exercises have a lot more in common than you thought.  

While we’re not claiming the two are one in the same, the differences that we find in both are many of the complementary aspects that make them such a great team.

How to combine pilates and yoga to your practices

Strength and Stretch

Hatha yoga is known for stretching the body, and Pilates focuses more on strength. The general idea is correct, however, there are exceptions to the statement as Pilates does include creating length in the body and yoga is proven to develop strength.

Many people who practice Pilates regularly find that the core strength and integration they develop in pilates support them in daily activities and other workouts they engage in. For those who also do yoga, Pilates provides them the stability that they need to control and expand their yoga poses safely. Conversely, the deep stretching in yoga gives a wonderful balance to the core oriented Pilates exercises.

Centering, breath, and flow

Breathing is essential in both Pilates and yoga. The breath is a great natural detoxifier of the body. In both systems, one is encouraged to develop conscious breathing, using a deep full breath to enhance the depth and movement of the exercise. Breathing in Pilates is recognized as rejuvenating, detoxifying and a means of enhancing awareness; as it is in yoga.

How to combine pilates and yoga to your practices

Pilates and yoga classes & Integrity

It’s worth noting that Pilates and yoga are each very distinct and sophisticated disciplines. Getting to know their full benefits individually and as a complementary will take time. One will need to practice both religiously.

Pilates and yoga combo classes are popping up everywhere. LifeChanging Studio in Jakarta offers various classes of Pilates and yoga. We suggest you start with hatha yoga on Wednesdays and Friday and try Pilates on the other days. If you’d like to mix and match, here is our daily schedule.

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness. Pilates uses a functional fitness method, which means the principles directly translate to a better posture and efficient movement in everyday life.

This week, LifeChanging Pilates studio in Jakarta introduces you to a set of deceptively easy exercises to exhibit the basic movement principles upon which Pilates build. It is incorporated in most if not all Pilates programs and our Pilates classes.

Open any Pilates program or workout with these fundamental moves! The benefits include establishing torso stability, pelvic stability, abdominal engagement, and more.


This is a fundamental Pilates program where you will be using the Reformer to do Parallel heels & toes, V-Position heels & toes, Calf Raises, Single Leg heel & toes, and more.

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Leg Work

This Pilates program utilises the Magic Circle to perform various exercises to work on your legs and knees.

Arm Work

Exercising and stretching your arms in Pilates predominantly involves the Reformer and Ped-a-Pul to perform workouts, such as the shoulder extension and adduction, arm circle ups, and more.

Starting position: Constructive Rest – Neutral Spine

Lie flat on your back with your arms by your side and palms facing downwards. Find a neutral spine by pressing your lower back into the floor, then a release of the spine into a small arch. Your knees are bent and your legs and feet are parallel to each other (hip distance apart).

Inhale, exhale and use your abs to press your lower spine into the floor, inhale to release, exhale and pull your lower spine up creating a small arch of the low back, inhale to release.

The Head Nod

This Pilates workout extends and lengthens the spine, which is a key goal of the sport. It is integral in many Pilates programs and exercises which articulate the spine in forward bends and rolling exercises.

Inhale to lengthen the spine and tilt the chin down towards the chest with your head on the mat, exhale to return to the neutral position, inhale to tip the head back a little, exhale to neutral position.

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Angel Arms

When doing this exercise, you want your abs to stay engaged, your ribs to stay down, and shoulders away from your ears.

On an inhale, sweep your arms out to the side along the floor. Exhale and return the arms to the side. Repeat.

Knee Folds

This is about getting a deep fold at the hip, so being able to move your leg in the hip socket without affecting the stability of the pelvis is the focus (don’t let your hip raise up with the leg and keep your tailbone anchored on the mat).

On an inhale, feel that you are using your abdominal muscles to lift one leg off the floor. Allow a deep fold at the hip. Repeat.

LifeChanging Pilates studio in Jakarta offers a range of Pilates classes to fit your ability and schedule! Join us now.

How to be a Pilates instructor

How to be a Pilates instructor

Many say that Pilates is another fitness trend, but it looks like it’s not going to die down anytime soon or ever. Pilates is a lifestyle that is here to stay. It has steadily grown in popularity over the past 50 years, which is great news for us who have chosen this career path and those who are looking to pursue it.

We won’t beat around the bush – becoming a Pilates instructor requires time, commitment, and money, as well as patience for some of us. Here are steps to becoming a Pilates instructor at LifeChanging, Pilates studio in Jakarta.

Join our classes

Immerse in a number of our classes to familiarise yourself with your body, the sport, and the teachers. Take as many classes as you can and practice consistently. Observe each class and instructor to determine which style you are drawn to and what kind of path you want to follow. Talk to your favorite teachers and inquire about their training and certification.

Reassess yourself by asking the following questions

So you’ve partaken in our Pilates classes. Now let’s find answers from within.

Do I enjoy teaching? Becoming a Pilates instructor means you won’t be doing pilates yourself, as you will be assisting others.

Do I have an interest in body mechanics, anatomy, and exercise science?

Do I enjoy speaking in front of large groups? You’ll constantly be in the spotlight!

Am I comfortable with trading job stability for job flexibility?

Am I self-motivated?

These are only a few questions to consider.

How to be a Pilates Instructor | LifeChanging Studio for Pilates and Yoga in Jakarta

Decide if you want mat or comprehensive certification

A mat certification prepares you to teach group mat classes, whereas, with a comprehensive one, you’ll be training clients with the traditional Pilates equipment (reformer, chair, trap table/Cadillac, etc.) in addition to mat. If you’re looking to teach full-time, the latter is the way to go.

Research and select a Pilates certification program

We encourage you to get in touch with our instructors to help you determine which path to take. Our Pilates studio in Jakarta offers certifications recognized by the PAI (Pilates Academy International) and all our instructors are internationally certified! This process might be a bit intimidating, but nothing beats the insights that can be acquired from people who have direct experience in what your interests are.

Complete your certification process

A mat certification can take a few months, while a comprehensive certification will take 12+ months. Our programs offer flexibility so budding pilates instructors can work around their personal time and schedule.

LifeChanging Studio is run by a team of passionate health and fitness instructors trained with international standards. Come to our studio, join a class, talk to us, and if you’ve started your pilates teaching journey, have fun with the hands-on practical training!

Choosing the right pilates studio in Jakarta

Choosing the right pilates studio in Jakarta

Let’s admit it, some of us jump on the health and fitness bandwagon quicker and more often than others. From yoga, barre, to spin class, we’re constantly on the lookout for new exercises to spice up our workout routine! Here at LifeChanging pilates studio in Jakarta, we believe that there’s no other workout like Pilates, which tones, sculpts, and benefits your whole body. It requires focus and energy, but it’ll leave you feeling uplifted and asking for more.

Finding the right pilates studio to invest your money in can be a tricky decision, especially when you have about a hundred to choose from! Whether you’re a first-timer or trying to get certified, you’ll want to cherry pick not only the best pilates studio in Jakarta but the one that rings true to your values and goals. Here are the must-have pilates studio qualities to consider.


Choosing the right pilates studio in Jakarta

Affordable Pricing and Membership

On the hunt for a reputable Pilates studio in Jakarta, you will go through an endless array of price lists. You’ll try to convince yourself to opt for the cheapest studio, but you also need to consider what you’re getting what you pay for. Alternatively, if you’re willing to break the bank for a high-end studio, it may feel you leaving disappointed if it doesn’t live up to your high expectations. Go for a studio that has a fair, middle ground pricing, including new client specials or discounted rates for members. At LifeChanging Studio, we regularly offer free events and introduce new programs for members and the public to keep things interesting!


Choosing the right pilates studio in Jakarta

Multiple Instructors and Quality Equipment

An ideal Pilates studio has a good balance of professional instructors and high-quality equipment. LifeChanging Studio prides itself on providing the best of the best, from the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Stability Chair and more. Read our blog about our exceptional pilates equipment and the benefits of using them to learn more! Additionally, our team comprises of senior and junior certified instructors for us to nurture a comfortable environment for everyone of all ages and abilities.

Various Course Offerings and Flexible Hours

In addition to having qualified trainers and 5-star machines, choose a pilates studio in Jakarta that offers a variety of classes. This way, beginner or pro, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that there are sessions tailored to your ability and for you to grow accordingly – at your own pace. A quality studio will have a schedule catering to everyone from morning to evening.


Choosing the right pilates studio in Jakarta

LifeChanging Studio is located in Ruko Garden House Blok A No.28, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk. We provide the best facilities and instructors with quality service. Our team aims to help anyone with any fitness capabilities to reach their health and fitness goals! Contact us to find out more about our Pilates studio in Jakarta.

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta

Overcome the chaos of the concrete jungle with the power of Pilates!

Life in Jakarta can be tough on the mind and body. At LifeChanging Studio, when we talk about the benefits of Pilates for everyone and everybody, we sometimes emphasize the practical benefits it can offer for clients and members to move better and feel lighter in daily life. Joseph Pilates created this fascinating fitness system to result our bodies to move efficiently and fluidly through life. So for this week’s blog, we’re going back to our roots of the cultural advantages Pilates can offer to survive life in Jakarta.

With every step you take, take it with grace and ease!

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta LifeChanging Studio

We are walking every day. Whether it’s to work, the grocery store, or to catch the next bus stop. Regardless of life in Jakarta not being too pedestrian friendly, our legs still need to carry us to our next activity. Walking acts as a fantastic full body workout if you’re doing it well. Bad muscle habits get in the way of our stride. Some of these habits may appear while you’re

  • Sitting at the desk all day
  • Sport training
  • Getting a blast from the past from old injuries
  • Controlling the children at dinner

Pilates covers everything from head to toe. The aid these classes can provide include:

  • Improves walking posture naturally
  • Balances stability of the body
  • Develop a healthier hip, legs, and feet
  • Builds confidence in torso control and mobility
  • Helps you swing arms effectively while walking

You’re at work to support your lifestyle. Pilates is with you to support your longevity.

How Pilates can help your life in Jakarta LifeChanging Studio


We hear well too often for anyone who has a life in Jakarta; “Ouch! My back. Ouch! My neck. Ouch! This. Ouch! That” You know what we mean. Fundamentally, Pilates was made to prevent and decrease postural damage to the body. Such as your neck, back, knees, and other sensitive areas. For every salaryman and women in Jakarta, the experts at LifeChanging Studio always recommends joining a Pilates class as it:

  • Brings awareness to individuals with poor core strength
  • Instantly brings the client or member a sense of relief after 1 class
  • Is great for anyone of any fitness level
  • Is a low impact yet strengthening fitness system

Your lifestyle and habits define and shape your goals. Don’t let life in Jakarta get in the way of them! After 5 years of running in the district of North Jakarta, LifeChanging Studio never fails to meet expectations of determined individuals looking to change their life. If you’re still stuck in a rut of surviving the Big Durian, check out one of our latest blogs!

Your guide to a healthier Jakarta living

Your guide to a healthier Jakarta living

If you can make it in Jakarta, you can make it anywhere! But as health and lifestyle professionals based in the Big Durian, we know that this is only possible with you being in tip-top shape.

Most of us were born and raised in Jakarta or have lived in the city long enough to chase the concrete jungle dream. We can all agree that despite the chaos, Jakarta is still a special place. However, if staying fit, having optimal health, and longevity is in your book of leading a life well spent, you’ll need to put in extra work to achieve that in the city we all love.

LifeChanging Pilates and Yoga Studio have been established since 2013 in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. Providing clients and members health and lifestyle solutions to their everyday concerns of leading a mindful lifestyle while living in a hectic city. The LifeChanging team has dedicated this blog to the city and clients we love; on what you can do to revamp your lifestyle in Jakarta.


Watch the air quality!

One of the simple requirements the human body needs to function is clean air. The lungs are one of the body’s most important organ when it comes to detoxification.

Some may compare breathing in the Jakarta air like smoking two packets of cigarettes a day, and while that may sound extreme, it still indicates that the city is putting your lungs to extra work. Here’s what we think:

  • Keep a trusty anti-pollution mask wherever you go. Especially if you’re taking the public transportation or traveling by motorcycle.
  • Invest in an air filter or purifier at your house. It’s incredible how far modern technology has gone! You’d be doing yourself a favor to come home to fresh and clean air after a long day out with pollution.

Introduce Pilates into your busy schedule in Jakarta

We all lead busy lives to be living in this exciting metropolis, but that’s no excuse if you’re declining in health.

At LifeChanging Pilates Studio, we facilitate programs that suit our client’s individual needs, one out of the many being Pilates. We understand the stress of living in a busy city like Jakarta can take a toll on your health, and so far from the feedback we have received from loyal members, Pilates can be especially beneficial. Here are some of the many advantages of practicing Pilates:

  • Pilates is the perfect way to destress
  • Solves postural issues after a long day at the office
  • Acts as a wonderful body conditioning program
  • Improves flexibility

Consult with the experts further about this class by clicking this link!


Discover inner peace with Yoga

Living in Jakarta should be a good enough reason to enter the mindful and spiritual world of Yoga. Once you start, you’ll begin experiencing its magical benefits such as sleeping better or getting lesser colds.

Facilitating a heated studio for hot yoga programs and a dedicated underground Yoga floor, LifeChanging Studio will become your new sanctuary. The benefits of Yoga are incredible! Some of which we love to include:

  • It improves your flexibility
  • Assists in perfecting your posture
  • Increases your blood flow
  • Each practice makes you happier

LifeChanging Pilates and Yoga studio Jakarta stands by the philosophy of a better lifestyle with each practice. Consult with us your personal fitness needs by giving this link a click!

Pilates workouts to lose weight

Pilates workouts to lose weight

To begin practicing Pilates at home or to sign up for a Pilates session is enough to jump-start your journey of Pilates for weight loss. However, you will begin to notice as time and practices fly, your body will adjust to your routine level. Get ready to intensify your workout out with LifeChanging Studio’s blog this week! Below are a few ways we amp up our clients’ sessions for faster-burning action.


LifeChanging Studio - pilates studio jakarta weight loss

Pumping up a session with a fast-paced routine

Most of the time, Pilates is done at a slow and steady pace, especially for those just starting out or getting into the habit of practicing Pilates. This helps the client channel their good alignment, awareness, and familiarity. Once this is established, its time to move on to Pilates for weight loss.

Pilates for weight loss involves creating an opportunity to magnify your Pilates performance. If you’re regularly dropping by our studio, consult with one of our professional instructors to find out if you are ready to move along the class at a quicker pace. The most common practice we provide to clients who are looking to do Pilates for weight loss is to take the class step-by-step. After our instructors give you the green light, they will graduate you to a more advanced class.

Working out at home can also boost your weight loss performance. It’s always a good idea to have a routine or two if you’re too busy to attend a session at the studio. This is also a great opportunity to practice the control of your breathing and flow.

Fully commit to your sessions

If you’re not committing to a regimen or visiting the studio as often as you should, then you can kiss those 20 paid sessions good-bye!

Even if you can’t keep up with a rapid routine, each effort in every session count. Stretch the best you can, go for the extra one in each movement, control your flow with grace, and take each breath deeply. With this 110% commitment attitude, your mentality will be on par with the creator himself, Joseph Pilates, and increase the exertion level (weight loss potential).

Challenge yourself by using a variety of Pilates equipment

LifeChanging Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art Pilates machines and equipment to help you every step of the way in your weight loss journey.


pilates equipments


By adding equipment to your practices, you will also be adding a challenge for your body. Different equipments mean different benefits, from boosting your performance to helping you do the movement you’ve always wanted to do. At LifeChanging Studio, you get the freedom to move from mat to reformer so clients and members get the chance to experience a variety of benefits.

Weight loss isn’t easy, but the LifeChanging team is here to guide you through and ensure the experience is a great one. Facilitated with well taken care of equipment and skills from our professional, certified instructors, we are ready to make Pilates for weight loss life changing for you.

Pilates when you travel

Pilates when you travel

Nothing like a business trip or a long holiday getaway to get in the way of a set exercise routine at the Pilates studio. To return to the swing of things is not always easy for everybody, especially after a culinary adventure in another country. So the only way to stay in touch with your routine is to bring it with you!


pilates when you travel


Our clients at LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta are constantly asking our professional instructors for tips and tricks to stay in shape before the holiday season. And what do we always recommend? Pilates! This amazing method is easy to do on the go and the optional equipment to boost your practice fits nice and snug in your luggage. As one of Jakarta’s strongest standing Pilates studio, instructor training, and lifestyle center, here are some ways to kill the excuse of not continuing your practice on the road.


Prepare a simple Pilates routine

Before booking that plane ticket to visit the other end of the world, have one last session or drop by our Pilates studio to ask our certified instructors for a quick and easy routine. You’ll find that most Pilates workouts we provide our clients are mobile, meaning they are performable everywhere and anywhere, even on the airplane!


Pack in portable equipment

Pieces of equipment are not always necessary but can come in handy, particularly if you are a beginner. Bringing along one or two transportable equipment can give you a great motivation boost as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your holiday. Here are some of our favorite equipment:

  • The magic circle: Also known as the Pilates ring, bringing along the magic circle won’t feel like adding any weight in your luggage and will hardly take up any space. One of the reasons we love the magic circle is that it targets specific muscle groups and an awesome tension reliever after that long flight!
  • A Pilates mat: If you’re a traveler and originally have a lightweight, thin, and easy roll-up mat, it will be the travel buddy you won’t regret bringing. You may think a hotel towel or provided beach towel would be enough, but what makes a better practice than a setting you’re familiar with?
  • Exercise band: Nothing is more portable than an exercise band. They may be terrible at motivating you to pick them up and get moving, however, if you’re avid in practicing Pilates, you’ll thank the compact size and benefits it will give you on your holiday.


pilates when you travel

Find a Pilates studio

If you’re leaving for a long duration and need assistance in maintaining your shape, it might be best to look for a Pilates studio in the area you’re staying in. As the popularity of Pilates is growing, it’s becoming easier to find Pilates classes anywhere around the world. With the right amount determination and research, you’ll be on your way to your next Pilates session in no time!

LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta is an established lifestyle center that offers up to date classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, LesMills programs, and many more. Every individual has different needs and expectations, we are ready to meet them. Contact us today and our professional team of instructors will get back to you after the Eid Al-Fitri holiday on the 25th of June, 2018.

LifeChanging Studio’s most popular programs

LifeChanging Studio’s most popular programs

LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta is proud to offer clients and members a variety of programs best suited to each their own.

If its one benefit our programs share in common, is that they are aimed to improve the quality of your lifestyle. On this week’s blog, LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta would like to guide you through our programs and their benefits to ease your mind as you walk through the studio’s doors.

LifeChanging studio most popular program | pilates program in Jakarta 2

Pilates program

LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta are recognized in the Pilates program.

Mind-body, Core Stability, and Core Strength, they are the definition of the world’s leading mindful movements in Pilates. Pilates is a mind-body exercise that uses a range of equipments as simple as the mat to more complex ones such as Pilates machines. What started from the principles of an individual, Joseph Pilates, our Pilates program dramatically transforms the way you look, feel, and perform. Who doesn’t want a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and flat stomach?

Find out more information about our Pilates program. Or to consult even further with our certified Pilates instructors for a personalized Pilates program, click here!

LifeChanging studio most popular program | pilates program in Jakarta 1


Time to roll out the mat with LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta and deepen a practice that demands physical and mental attention  LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta provides fellow yogi’s a boutique space for physical, spiritual, and mental practice.

The beauty of this zen exercise is that you don’t have to be a professional to reap the benefits. Whether you’re overweight or fit, old or young, Yoga has the power to relax while strengthening the mind. Yoga benefits individuals physically and psychologically, making it popular amongst hard working Jakartans and those leading the busy city lifestyle.

Interested in aligning your chakras and seeking inner peace but don’t know which Yoga is for you? Learn more about the different Yoga styles we offer here!

LifeChanging studio most popular program | pilates program in Jakarta


We can all agree that Zumba is pretty much the most amazing dynamic workout ever!

Facilitating a large space on the 4th floor of our studio, LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta brings enthusiastic clients and members Zumba, an energetic dance class filled with pumping music and fun instructors. It’s perfect for everybody! The program is designed to bring people of all shapes, sizes, and vibes to sweat it on. Taking the “work” out of “workout”, Zumba will make you feel like you’re on top of the world as Latin and top 40 rhythms are blasted in the halls.

Doesn’t it sound like a lot of fun? Take it from us, it is! Learn more about this active exercise.

Why LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta?

You can find any of these classes scattered throughout the city, so why pick us? Quality, service, and state-of-the-art facilities.

All of our Pilates instructors are PAI (Pilates Academy International) certified. We don’t only offer benefits to customers, but individuals looking to excel in becoming great Pilates instructors through hours of training and studying. Meet our amazing team that defines LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta here!

For other programs such as Yoga, Zumba, etc are also hand-picked to ensure the best experience for clients and members.

At LifeChanging Pilates studio Jakarta, you will feel right at home. With exclusive and complete facilities to boost your fitness performance within your reach. Discover the range of equipment and facilities to make your fitness regimen a comfortable one.

LifeChanging Studio’s exceptional pilates equipments and the benefits of using them

LifeChanging Studio’s exceptional pilates equipments and the benefits of using them

Pilates equipments have always complemented Pilates mat work. It is celebrated and completed at LifeChanging Studio Pilates Jakarta.

Originally created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, Pilates, with the help of Pilates equipments have been demonstrated to be one of the world’s most effective forms of exercise. The Pilates equipments are tailored to be low impact and strengthen, lengthens, and tones your body. With these benefits, you will leave your Pilates session feeling motivated to lead an improved lifestyle.



1. The Pilates Reformer

The reformer allows clients to have a smooth, non-impact workout. Meaning that this Pilates equipment takes it easy on your organs, muscles, and joints.

This popular Pilates machine offers first-timers a dramatic impression and an even more dramatic change in lifestyle after a few sessions. You will see Reformer’s lined up at LifeChanging Studio Pilates Jakarta. It is one of our main choices offered to clients and members of all ages and levels as it has these amazing benefits:

  • Improves overall strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance
  • Lead to daily improvements in daily life such as fluid and efficient movement, better posture, and for most of our members, relief from the common back pain
  • Trains your body to adjust to an ideal length
  • It’s a universal exercise device

This equipment is available for group, private, or semi-private classes. For more information about the Reformer, learn more about it here or contact us!





2. The Cadillac

The sophistication of this Pilates equipment takes Pilates to whole other level. The reason why Joseph Pilates named it the ‘Cadillac’ is because the word evokes readers or listeners with visions of convertible automobiles; the perfect definition of such a complex exercise machine.

It features an impressive variety of bells and whistles, a comfortable table, a canopy, and allows a selection of devices to be attached such as:

  • Arm springs
  • Leg springs
  • Fuzzy loops
  • A trapeze

The perks of the Cadillac include:

  • Core stability training
  • Adds a touch of challenge and an increased range of motion
  • Extends spine articulation and increased mobility
  • A challenge to upper body workouts
  • Optimizes grace, coordination, and agility

At LifeChanging Studio Pilates Jakarta, we offer this machine to advanced clients and members looking to spice up their sessions and is available for private classes. For more information about the Cadillac, learn more about it our pilates program or contact us!


3. The Stability Chair

Another client and member favorite from LifeChanging Studio Pilates Jakarta is the Stability Chair. An extremely valuable piece of exercise equipment that has more functions than what meets the eye.

Joseph Pilates had a vision where he wanted every home in America to own a Stability Chair so it could fit as decor as well as have lifestyle benefits. Many own space consuming treadmills or bicycles, when a Stability Chair serves as a much smaller and quieter exercise machine. Some of the many benefits the Stability Chair offers are:

  • Improving balance whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying on the chair
  • Improving the posture through pelvic and scapular stabilization exercises
  • Boosts your mood and energy with challenging, fun, and invigorating movements

This equipment is available for group, private, or semi-private classes. For more information about the Stability Chair, learn more about it here or contact us!



All of our Pilates equipments are handled professionally under our certified instructors. LifeChanging Studio Pilates Jakarta only offers the best for our clients and member. Curious to learn more but don’t know where to start? Check out our recent blog post pilates for beginners!