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Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness. Pilates uses a functional fitness method, which means the principles directly translate to a better posture and efficient movement in everyday life.

This week, LifeChanging Pilates studio in Jakarta introduces you to a set of deceptively easy exercises to exhibit the basic movement principles upon which Pilates build. It is incorporated in most if not all Pilates programs and our Pilates classes.

Open any Pilates program or workout with these fundamental moves! The benefits include establishing torso stability, pelvic stability, abdominal engagement, and more.


This is a fundamental Pilates program where you will be using the Reformer to do Parallel heels & toes, V-Position heels & toes, Calf Raises, Single Leg heel & toes, and more.

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Leg Work

This Pilates program utilises the Magic Circle to perform various exercises to work on your legs and knees.

Arm Work

Exercising and stretching your arms in Pilates predominantly involves the Reformer and Ped-a-Pul to perform workouts, such as the shoulder extension and adduction, arm circle ups, and more.

Starting position: Constructive Rest – Neutral Spine

Lie flat on your back with your arms by your side and palms facing downwards. Find a neutral spine by pressing your lower back into the floor, then a release of the spine into a small arch. Your knees are bent and your legs and feet are parallel to each other (hip distance apart).

Inhale, exhale and use your abs to press your lower spine into the floor, inhale to release, exhale and pull your lower spine up creating a small arch of the low back, inhale to release.

The Head Nod

This Pilates workout extends and lengthens the spine, which is a key goal of the sport. It is integral in many Pilates programs and exercises which articulate the spine in forward bends and rolling exercises.

Inhale to lengthen the spine and tilt the chin down towards the chest with your head on the mat, exhale to return to the neutral position, inhale to tip the head back a little, exhale to neutral position.

Fundamental Pilates programs and basic movements

Angel Arms

When doing this exercise, you want your abs to stay engaged, your ribs to stay down, and shoulders away from your ears.

On an inhale, sweep your arms out to the side along the floor. Exhale and return the arms to the side. Repeat.

Knee Folds

This is about getting a deep fold at the hip, so being able to move your leg in the hip socket without affecting the stability of the pelvis is the focus (don’t let your hip raise up with the leg and keep your tailbone anchored on the mat).

On an inhale, feel that you are using your abdominal muscles to lift one leg off the floor. Allow a deep fold at the hip. Repeat.

LifeChanging Pilates studio in Jakarta offers a range of Pilates classes to fit your ability and schedule! Join us now.

Pilates for everyone and every body

Pilates for everyone and every body

Pull out your mat, put on your fitness attire, and lets get headed to the studio! Because this article will kill all your excuses as to why you you shouldn’t be doing Pilates. If you’ve been up to date with LifeChanging studio through social media, then you should know by now what Pilates is. Not to worry for newcomer’s, we’ll run it down quickly for you.


Joseph Pilates at 57 & 82. WOAH. #pilates:


Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. Its a challenging body routine that builds flexibility and muscle strength in different regions of the body such as: legs, abdominals, arms, and hips. It focuses on spinal and pelvic alignment all while controlling your breathing, improving body coordination, and finding balance. It demands intense focus and requires good amount of concentration to practice.

Hearing this, you may think “I can’t do that”. Well, think again because we believe Pilates benefits everyone; for men and women alike, for those suffering from bad posture, athletes, and people of all ages.

Pilates for men & women

Pilates for men? Pilates was started by a man: Joseph Pilates. Men back in his days have figured prominently as instructors and promoters of the Pilates method throughout its history. Although it was a majority of men that was part of the Pilates scene, the popularity of this dynamic form of fitness attracted a large wave of women participants and instructors that left the impression it leaned towards a more feminine exercise. This idea quickly dissolved when its reputation was noticed. Pilates is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world, and everyone, men and women took advantage of the Pilates method whether its for opening a business, educating people, or to simply put: to have a better lifestyle.

At LifeChanging, we welcome all genders whether you’re a client or an instructor. We facilitate with male and female locker rooms and showers as well as male and female instructors.



Pilates for a better posture

Are you an office worker? Sitting in the same position 8 hours a day? Or perhaps an employee who’s job involves heavy duty work? Then you should consider doing Pilates to improve your posture and bring relief to your back and spine. Pilates is all about strengthening postural muscles. Most of us know good posture when we see it, and we are inspired by how free and strong it makes a person look, but there are so many reasons to work on your posture that goes beyond appearance. Here are just a few benefits of good posture; pain relief throughout the body (including neck, back, hip, leg, and foot pain), more efficient movement by improved muscle function and range of motions, less stress on joints, and improved circulation and breathing. People are designed to move, not to sit. So if you’re looking for some release after work, we can provide the services you’re looking for.

Pilates for athletes

Sports performance can be greatly improved through regular Pilates sessions. Pilates builds balanced muscle development, core strength and flexibility through efficient and purposeful movement. Different sports mean different focused areas of the body, which causes athletes to ignore the rest. This is harmful as it can lead to weak muscles getting weaker and strong muscles getting stronger; meaning the lack of balance. It is the primary cause of injury and deteriorating performance. By addressing postural issues through simple movements in Pilates, athletes can avoid many common injuries.

LifeChanging have professional and dedicated instructors trained to address these issues. We also have state-of-the-art equipment such as the Reformer to specifically challenge and give athlete’s feedback to build awareness.



Combat the effect of aging

“A person is only as young as his spinal column”– Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a gentler and effective way of staying fit. For the older generation keeping fit is essential yet challenging. So many forms of exercise can be hard on the bodies of these mature adults. Many have turned to Pilates sessions at their local studio’s as a way to stay in shape while reducing the risk of injuries. With its focus on controlled breathing and quality of movement many experts agree that Pilates is one of the best ways for older adults to stay healthy. Age is just a number.

We can guarantee that Pilates is safe. It is used in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries. It is also an extremely flexible exercise system. Workouts are modified to suit every individual. At LifeChanging, the essence of Pilates will always remain but will be modified differently and uniquely to the specific needs of our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding Pilates, it benefits, and our services. We are happy to help you and hope to join your journey to achieve your fitness goals.